Break free from chaos. Launch your business to a new level of profitability by using proven, successful entrepreneur developed systems.

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Successful exits
Companies systematized
Revenue created
Growth capital raised

Who we help

You're a technical entrepreneur. An expert in your field. You've crafted your skills over years of hard work and dedication. You’ve built your business to between $1 - 5 million in revenue but you’re feeling stuck.

  • Revenue isn’t where you want it to be
  • Your personally aren’t taking home enough Profit
  • Your employees don’t have processes to follow
  • Your operations are at best a collection of people who know their jobs but there is no system

Profit Launchpad can create the well-oiled machine you’re looking for:

How we help

You’re the technical expert. We’re expert at building businesses. We’ve done it time and time again. We’re masters of automation, process creation, revenue systematization, outsourcing, and growing PROFITS!

For businesses making between $1-5 million annually, Revenue and Operations go hand-in-hand. You can’t fix one without fixing (or breaking!) the other.

Our system uses a systematized revenue machine to create predictable profits and proven process and training to ensure operations can fulfill the growth you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Here’s how we start:


Yes, the dreaded assessment and audit. At Profit Launchpad we don't just give you a templated version of your symptoms. We dig deep, to shine light on the root causes and then create a new system that unbinds the old broken one and launches your company forward.


Strategize  & Create the Resolution Plan

What keeps you up at night? That’s what we’re going to tackle first. Then we’re going to go down the list. Eliminating chaos and implementing processes in every area of your business.


Get to Work

Now that the problems are apparent. Our team steps in as your COOs and CROs. We get to work. We’re not consultants who just hand a report and say, “good luck.” We're here, working with you to solve the root causes.


Create long term success

This is the most critical step. Now that the processes are created and the biggest issues are resolved. We’ll create a process management plan that automates and outsources as much work as possible. Long-term, this is where most companies see their profits really take off!


About Profit Launchpad

Our story

Hi! I am Dylan. I founded Profit Launchpad because I was sick of  the false promises of crappy gurus and consultants who had never built their own business. I wanted to find an experienced, down-to-earth, and smart team to help entrepreneurs scale  and take home more money. So I built Profit Launchpad.

I’ve build both successful and unsuccessful businesses. While failures aren’t a fun experience; they’re the best teacher. When a product fails to take off or a business doesn’t scale, you learn a priceless lesson.

These lessons are built into Profit Launchpad. We build systems that make you leaner, faster, and more adaptable. We implement processes and teach owners to build systematized businesses and take home more profit.

Why my system works

The systems and processes I teach and install at my client’s companies are the same I use as the managing partner and COO of Kingsman Capital. We buy and sell brick and mortar businesses, installing better systems and increasing profits in less than 90 days.

I use what I create, because I’ve made it work for myself and my clients in over 2 dozen different companies. I can’t wait to help you refresh your vision, re-energize your business, and transform your organization into a profit generating machine!

What our clients
say about our work

Profit Launchpad has helped over 24 companies systematize their work, creating $10M+ revenue and raising $12M+ capital for growth.

“Took my business to the next level”

Dylan has helped me clearly define my vision and lay out the stepping stones to take my business to the next level. This clarity means I am less distracted at night, I'm more present with my kids and I owe it to Dylan.

Rich Cedars

Owner of Valley Pacific Mechanical

“My business works better”

Dylan's a boss! So knowledgeable and experienced, and also super supportive. He's always been great at giving me the kick in the ass I've needed at times and helped lift me up and guide me in making my business work better!

Dave Weale

CEO and Head Coach of Alpha Rising

“I highly recommend Dylan”

Their expertise in sales strategy and ability to identify and hire top-tier talent helped our team to exceed targets and continuously improve. With Dylan at the helm, we were able to implement new processes and techniques that proved to be highly successful.

Brian Beck

CEO and Owner of Perpetuity Wellness


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