More profit, Less Headaches

Stop wasting money on marketing that doesn’t perform and broken sales processes. There is money in your business, we’ll find it, you use it to grow!

“Took my business to the next level”

Dylan has helped me clearly define my vision and lay out the stepping stones to take my business to the next level. This clarity means I am less distracted at night, I’m more present with my kids and I owe it to Dylan.

Rich Cedars
Owner of Valley Pacific Mechanical

“My business
works better”​

Dylan’s a boss! So knowledgeable and experienced, and also super supportive. He’s always been great at giving me the kick in the ass I’ve needed at times and helped lift me up and guide me in making my business work better!

Dave Weale
CEO and & Coach of Alpha Rising

“I highly recommend Dylan”

Their expertise in sales strategy and ability to identify and hire top-tier talent helped our team to exceed targets and continuously improve. With Dylan at the helm, we were able to implement new processes and techniques that proved to be highly successful.

Brian Beck
CEO & Owner of Perpetuity Wellness

Profit Launchpad is a coaching and consulting firm that gives service business owners the systems they need to increase profit margins & scale.
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The traditional ‘pay and leave’ consulting model doesn’t work for you. 
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Profit Launchpad

Eliminate the stress and frustration of consistently poor profits.

Our proven system is diagnose the spots in your business you know aren’t working and the leaks you haven’t discovered yet.

Avoid the Growth Trap BEFORE Wasting All Your Cash
Growing a business requires significant investments in marketing, infrastructure, and personnel. Without a solid profit margin to support this expansion, you risk running into serious financial trouble. Sound Familiar?

Focus on optimizing your profit margins before pursuing aggressive growth.
Solve Operational Inefficiencies to Grow Your Profits

Many small businesses fail to recognize the importance of streamlining their operations to boost productivity and reduce costs. Here we invest in automation tools and software that can streamline repetitive tasks and free up your team to focus on more strategic activities.

Eliminate the stress and frustration of consistently poor profits.

Our proven system is diagnose the spots in your business you know aren’t working and the leaks you haven’t discovered yet.

Our Process for Driving Service Growth

I. Diagnosis

We’ll work with you to uncover the true nature of the problem sets that need solving, to find the critical changes we can make that will have a disproportionate impact on your profitability

II. Action

Based on the problems uncovered in discovery, we’ll start actioning changes quickly, this stage is all about speed, action and testing. We’ll implement solutions and quantitatively test their impact

III. Growth

Once we’ve proven our solutions have the intended effect, it’s time to scale! We’ll ensure you can scale without further growth pains as a highly profitable company

What to do next?

If you’d like to learn more or aren’t sure if this is the right solution for you. Then the next step is to book a no-sales discovery call. You’ll speak directly with with either our CEO or lead strategist, not an appointment setter. Our goal will be to discover what your profit leaks are. They’ll get to know you and your business goals, suggest possible avenues for growth where appropriate, and answer any additional questions you have about how this works. Either way it’ll be a valuable call.So if you’d like to chat and explore this opportunity more, simply fill out the form below now and we look forward to speaking with you soon.

Get to Profitability

Are you struggling with a net profit margin under 5% or don’t even know what your margin is? Our specialized coaching program is here to help. Designed for small businesses, our program offers personalized 1:1 coaching or dynamic group sessions to pinpoint major problem areas and improve profit leaks.

Program Highlights:

  • Comprehensive Business Assessment: Understand your financial health and identify key issues.
  • Strategic Planning and Goal Setting: Develop a customized action plan with SMART goals.
  • Implementation and Optimization: Optimize costs, refine pricing, and streamline operations.
  • Marketing and Sales Effectiveness: Let’s review your marketing plan and put in place simple, actionable, and cost effective steps to increase your lead generation. 
  • Monitoring and Continuous Improvement: Regular check-ins to track progress and adjust plans.

Join us to boost your profit margins and build a solid foundation for sustainable growth. Let’s work together to elevate your business and achieve the success you deserve.

2x Your Profitability

Big Claim, we know! But we’ve seen it over and over again that businesses just like yours have TONS of cash leaking away in operational inefficiencies throughout the business. 

For example:

  • Not accounting for processing fees in your billing? 3% profit loss
  • Not tracking your sales process and unsure of your closing rates? We’ve seen up to 10% net profit loss
  • Project Management inefficiencies? Fastest way to 0% or even negative net profit margins. 

Our first step to 2x your businesses profitability is our incredibly detailed and comprehensive diagnosis. It takes about a month and incorporates a study of your business problem areas, employee interviews, and pro forma reviews. 

The second step is resolving the most pressing profit leaks, depending on the severity of the leaks identified in step 1 we can solve about 3 leaks per 90 day period. 

Book a call to have a chat with our strategists and review your profit leaks today.